7 Ways to Donate Now!*

I prefer to invest in the ministry of AFM by making:

1. A one-time donation via credit card online:

Donation amount:

 2. A monthly recurring donation via PayPal only:


3. A one-time donation via Paypal:

General Fund

Member Care Fund

Africa Scholarship Fund



Caleb and Rebecca






Cornelius and Zira



4. Make a monthly recurring donation through your bank by automatic draft (ACH) or credit card

Please download this form and mail or fax it back to us.

5. Make Anglican Frontier Missions a vendor of your bank’s bill-pay system

Most banks today allow you to set up vendors and issue payments to them through an online bill-pay system. You maintain regularly recurring payments under your complete control. Did you know that you can do this with us as well? Instead of specifying an account number, simply indicate your preference for the work. This method also comes with no additional fees, which allows more of your donation to go to work for the preferenced mission activity!

6. Mail a Check

The old-fashioned mailed check (if you wish to indicate a preferenced worker on your check, please use the words “Preference for…” or “To support AFM’s work through”  on the memo line). Our mailing address: P.O. Box 18038, Richmond, VA 23226.

7. Make a Stock Donation

Making a donation of stock to AFM is an efficient way to contribute to the mission of going where the need is greatest. If you are interested in contributing through a stock donation, please email us at accounting@afm-us.org for more information.

Privacy Policy

* According to IRS guidelines, your gift is used under the direction and discretion of AFM’s management and Board of Directors and is made with the understanding that AFM has complete control and administration over the donated funds. However, as much as possible, in keeping with the organization’s policies and priorities, funds will be applied as preferenced.

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